A top-quality organic cattle ranch in Fredericksburg, TX

About Our Organic Cattle Ranch in Fredericksburg, TX

Our family-owned-and-operated cattle ranch is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country near Fredericksburg. We manage our cattle and rangeland using organic principles, although we are not certified organic. Our cattle are primarily Hereford and Angus cross, and we strive to produce black calves. We've found that producing tender meat is easier when you have gentle, docile cows, so we select heifers based on a docile disposition that is equally as important as their confirmation.

Offering all-natural chuck steak in Fredericksburg, TX

Our Herd Management

We manage our herd using organic principles. The herd health is maintained via frequent pasture rotation, and our calves are not given antibiotics or hormones. They do receive preventive vaccinations at 60 to 90 days of age. Additionally, no herbicide or commercial fertilizer has been used on our pastures in more than 30 years.

Closed Breeding Herd

Another important aspect of our operation is the fact that this herd is closed. We purchase herd sires only.  All of the cows in this herd have lineage all the way back to the first cows brought to the ranch by our parents almost 60 years ago. Their lineage goes back to our grandfather's herd, which was started in the early 1900s. We know where these cows have been all of their lives—they are Texan born, bred, and raised.

Retail Location

Fredericksburg Grassfed Beef is now available in Fredericksburg at The Peach Basket Natural Foods Store. Check out our selection of delicious beef there! If you’re looking for the best meat for hamburgers, contact us today.

2017 - 2018 Drought

This drought began in early fall right after Harvey, and we are 10 or more inches behind since then. Please join us in praying for more rain--not only for our organic cattle ranch in Fredericksburg, TX, but for all of Texas.